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We are extremely proud of our practice which we designed ourselves. We hope that one of the first things you notice about it is that it is very different.

Most people never really give much thought to their work surroundings; they accept what they are given and carry on. A lot of time and effort went into planning our modern dental practice that challenges conventional design and ideas. We radically overhauled how things are normally done and  considerable thought was given to how we wanted our practice to look and work and what we wanted to deliver.

Relaxed Atmosphere

For our patients, we want it to be welcoming and friendly, to appear calm and informal, and to look clean, modern and up-to-date and to be well looked after.

Our reception area is comfortable and relaxing without any of the usual dental paraphernalia.

We have a separate room where you are able to discuss any confidential matter with one of our staff, or if you simply want to sit alone in peace and quiet.

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Treatment Areas

Our treatment areas are bright and airy and have been constructed to be hygienic and easily cleaned, and our treatment couches are deeply relaxing.

All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected after every treatment and our decontamination area is dedicated to the cleaning and sterilisation of all non-disposable items.

As many disposable instruments and equipment are used as possible as we take the issue of cross-infection very seriously. You will also notice that disposable gloves are used and replaced after every treatment.

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